Corporate Medical Services


Your company's health is our business.

Catalyst Health Solutions is your partner in achieving business success, recognizing that the well-being and productivity of your employees are paramount. We offer a blend of innovation and efficiency to meet your medical care needs. Our services are tailored for both employees and employers, extending beyond the traditional clinic setting. Whether your business operates from an office, job site, or remote location, we have customizable plans and packages that are designed to align with your unique requirements.

Imagine the impact on your organization if your employees had unlimited access to healthcare. Our employee and employer medical service offers the ideal solution, ensuring that your workforce is healthy and thriving while your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

Nursing & Medical Support Services

Prioritizing health and wellness is of utmost importance. When your company requires medical services, case management, document storage, pre-employment screening blood work, and immunizations, Catalyst Health Solutions has a comprehensive solution for you.

Our medical support services offer a valuable choice for your company’s workforce, not only saving time but also reducing costs. We are eager to have a conversation about your company’s specific needs

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