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Advanced On-Demand Health Care Solutions



Catalyst Health Solutions Inc. is an Advanced On-Demand Private Medical Clinic located in Paradise Newfoundland, with mobile medical professionals across the island and across Canada.

Since its founding in 2016 Catalyst Health Solutions Inc has become an integral part of the community and province, advancing our mission to transform health care delivery in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  We advocate for ongoing improvement and efficiency in order to preserve socially delivered, publicly funded health care.

Built for you with Your Health in Mind!

Catalyst Health Solutions Inc. individual concierge memberships for you and your family. We believe that you should have control of the health needs you require, and we can help with that.  Imagine having a seasoned ER nurse on call, knowing that there is a clinic to take care of you in-house, in your own home, or even over the phone. Someone to answer those quick medical questions, do your blood collection at home or work, or explain your medications, with no need to take time off from work, school or that busy schedule

Your business success depends on happy, healthy people – but also innovation and efficiency – and that’s just what Catalyst Health Solutions provides. Quick and easy medical care solutions for businesses. Whether your business is in an office, job site, or even offshore, we have plans and packages which will work for your needs.

Experienced health care professionals who combine their knowledge of Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and a critical eye to successfully keep COVID-19 out of your home and workplace

We at Catalyst Health Solutions have a plethora of Services at your fingertips for in-clinic, on the road, in your office, or your own home. We have tailored all services to meet your needs and be more accessible and innovative for your direct needs.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Available or in-clinic or on-site.

Nurse Practitioner

Assessment, treatment and primary care by a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Accredited and government approved Rapid Antigen Testing. Results and documentation in 15 minutes.

Covid-19 Testing & Diagnostics

Specimen collection and processing by our Accredited Diagnostic Laboratory.

Individual Concierge Memberships

Subscription primary health care for you and your family. Take control of your health.

Corporate Concierge Memberships

Primary and Acute Care medical solutions for businesses.