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A Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swab is collected by a licensed health care provider here within our clinic & the swab is processed by our Accredited Laboratory

RT-qPCR COVID-19 Testing

A specimen (Nasopharyngeal (NP) or Oropharyngeal (OP) Swab) is collected by a licensed health care provider and processed onsite in our laboratory.

This testing is for individuals who require proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test, such as travellers, or those who desire peace of mind. Specimen analysis is performed onsite in our new laboratory! Results of this test are delivered via email or can be picked up in person. Results are available in as little as 3 hours, to a maximum turn-around time of 12 hours*.

*Samples collected after 13:00 daily will be processed the following morning, unless expedited testing is requested.

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